BAZZ, a luxury ready-to-wear brand, is the brainchild of two friends, Benjamin and Marie, who are passionate about fashion and aesthetics. They have been working in the field for ten years. In creating BAZZ, they aim to rehabilitate exclusive, feminine fashion, reviving the codes of couture while respecting environmental standards. 

VESTIAIRE BAZZ is a wardrobe of timeless evening and cocktail models with a couture DNA, but can also be diverted for daytime wear for a more urban chic wardrobe.

During his medical studies, Benjamin realizes that he is bored in the lecture halls while drawing evening dresses on his handouts. He decided to make his dream come true by putting down his stethoscopes for a tailor's meter and entering Esmod in 2010. With his diploma in hand, he did his first internship at Lanvin where he had the honor of working alongside Alber Elbaz - a close collaboration that completed his training. 
In 2012, Benjamin joins the House of Azzaro, where he will stay for 7 years. He is part of the team that relaunches haute-couture and collaborates with art houses such as Lesage, Lemarié, Bucol... 
A true creator and technician, Benjamin pays particular attention to details and finishes as well as to women's bodies. His key word when he creates: SUBLIME!


After studying communication and experiences in agency and television production, Marie decided in 2015 to launch her Instagram account Scarlettofashion. Passionate about fashion for as long as she can remember, she created this account with an artistic purpose to share her vision of fashion: offbeat looks, original and colorful pieces. In 2019, she naturally joined a large Parisian multi-brand Brand Bazar where she shares her vision of fashion by advising a demanding clientele. Her motto when she advises: understand the expectations of her clients and SUBLIME them! 


Ten years ago, Marie and Benjamin met at a party. They immediately spotted each other among the guests and spent the night talking about fashion. They meet regularly, stay in touch on social networks, but it is in June 2021 that the magic finally happens: Benjamin likes a post on Scarlettofashion, Marie contacts him again so that they meet for a drink. Benjamin has just left Azzaro, he makes custom haute-couture dresses on a freelance basis. The next day, Marie wakes up with the deep conviction that they should create their brand: a luxury ready-to-wear line that would flirt with the demands of couture: the adventure is launched!


Marie and Benjamin launch BAZZ in February 2022, creating exclusive, feminine designs. She - has original inspirations, a more ready-to-wear premium approach, - he - has a haute-couture vision that frames Marie's madness and brings luxury, detail and finish to it.

They choose to launch BAZZ, timeless models from season to season, different models with each new collection. Design and manufacturing are carried out exclusively in Paris.

BAZZ is a return to the basics of couture: well-produced clothes for women who want to feel feminine and sublimated in their clothes.

Halfway between ready-to-wear and couture, BAZZ combines the best of both worlds. It is Benjamin's haute-couture expertise mixed with Marie's originality. The pieces are colorful, original, timeless.